The ACL 2018 program committee wishes to acknowledge the following papers which received honourable mentions in the best paper judging:

Short Papers

  • Jointly Predicting Predicates and Arguments in Neural Semantic Role Labeling. Luheng He, Kenton Lee, Omer Levy and Luke Zettlemoyer.
  • Do Neural Network Cross-Modal Mappings Really Bridge Modalities? Guillem Collell and Marie-Francine Moens.

Long Papers

  • Coarse-to-Fine Decoding for Neural Semantic Parsing. Li Dong and Mirella Lapata.
  • NASH: Toward End-to-End Neural Architecture for Generative Semantic Hashing. Dinghan Shen, Qinliang Su, Paidamoyo Chapfuwa, Wenlin Wang, Guoyin Wang, Ricardo Henao and Lawrence Carin.
  • Backpropagating through Structured Argmax using a SPIGOT. Hao Peng, Sam Thomson and Noah A. Smith.
  • Hierarchical Neural Story Generation. Angela Fan, Mike Lewis and Yann Dauphin.
  • Semantically Equivalent Adversarial Rules for Debugging NLP models. Marco Tulio Ribeiro, Sameer Singh and Carlos Guestrin.
  • Large-Scale QA-SRL Parsing. Nicholas FitzGerald, Julian Michael, Luheng He and Luke Zettlemoyer.