Automatic Question Generation using Relative Pronouns and Adverbs

Payal Khullar, Konigari Rachna, Mukul Hase, Manish Shrivastava

This paper presents a system that automatically generates multiple, natural language questions using relative pronouns and relative adverbs from complex English sentences. Our system is syntax-based, runs on dependency parse information of a single-sentence input, and achieves high accuracy in terms of syntactic correctness, semantic adequacy, fluency and uniqueness. One of the key advantages of our system, in comparison with other rule-based approaches, is that we nearly eliminate the chances of getting a wrong wh- word in the generated question, by fetching the requisite wh-word from the input sentence itself. Depending upon the input, we generate both factoid and descriptive type questions. To the best of our information, the exploitation of wh-pronouns and wh-adverbs to generate questions is novel in the Automatic Question Generation task.