Multimodal Affective Analysis Using Hierarchical Attention Strategy with Word-Level Alignment

Yue Gu, Kangning Yang, Shiyu Fu, Shuhong Chen, Xinyu Li, Ivan Marsic

Multimodal affective computing, learning to recognize and interpret human affect and subjective information from multiple data sources, is still a challenge because: (i) it is hard to extract informative features to represent human affects from heterogeneous inputs; (ii) current fusion strategies only fuse different modalities at abstract levels, ignoring time-dependent interactions between modalities. Addressing such issues, we introduce a hierarchical multimodal architecture with attention and word-level fusion to classify utterance-level sentiment and emotion from text and audio data. Our introduced model outperforms state-of-the-art approaches on published datasets, and we demonstrate that our model is able to visualize and interpret synchronized attention over modalities.