Help us recruit the best area chairs, reviewers, and invited speakers!

We are soliciting nominations for ACL 2018 in three categories: Area Chairs, Reviewers, and Invited Speakers. Similarly to ACL 2017, we approach it bottom-up in order to find the best candidates from our research community to ensure broad coverage of expertise in all areas of NLP.

Each of the nomination sections is optional so you can skip it if you have no preferences.

Area Chair nominations

Maximum of 3 nominees

Self nominations are welcomed and encouraged. You will have to answer why you think your nominee is qualified to review for her/his area of expertise related to automated language processing. As a minimum requirement, nominated ACs must have a Ph.D. in an area related to NLP/CL and have published prior work in an NLP/CL venue.


Maximum of 4 nominees

We want to increase the quality of the reviewing process as much as possible. Self nominations are welcomed and encouraged. As a minimum requirement, nominated reviewers must have a good publication record in NLP/CL and past experiences in reviewing for ACL/EMNLP/NAACL/*CL conferences. Apart from that, the most important factors are reliability and willingness to keep the community’s high scientific standards.

Invited Speakers

Maximum of 3 nominees

It is expected that the Invited Speaker is not only an exceptional researcher but also a community influencer and someone who can deliver a motivating talk. Nominations from outside the mainstream NLP/CL community are also welcome!

Filling in the form will only take about 5 to 10 minutes; you help will be much appreciated before September 30, 2017.

Nomination form

Iryna Gurevych and Yusuke Miyao (ACL 2018 Program Chairs)